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What is DUI?

In all 50 states, driving under the influence (DUI) is defined as the criminal act of operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or both. DUI is also the criminal act of operating a motor vehicle with a blood/breath alcohol content level of 0.08% or higher for adults who are 21 years old or older.

It is important to emphasize the fact that an individual can be charged with DUI if he or she operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of any amount of alcohol or drugs (legal, over-the-counter, prescription, or otherwise), or a combination of the two, which makes the person unable to safely operate the vehicle that he or she is driving.

The foundational point here is that an adult can receive a DUI with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is less than .08%.


Why Do I Need a DUI Lawyer?

If you have been charged with DUI you need a DUI lawyer who will aggressively represent your legal rights through the complexities involved in a DUI case. DUI attorneys are able to assist you every step of the way through the criminal process and help you find the answers you need.

Having a DUI defense attorney can make the entire DUI experience far less stressful. In addition, a lawyer can answer your questions, prepare you for the proceedings each and every step of the way, and ensure that if there is a way to help you within the law, he or she will find this way.

Getting stopped by a police officer and being accused of drunk driving can be a extremely stressful and frightening experience. Indeed, many "good" citizens with no criminal record experience these feeling every day due to the fact that they have been arrested for DUI. A DUI attorney will help you understand what has happened to you and what lies ahead regarding the DUI process.

Every state now has stringent DUI penalties in place to help prevent people from drinking and driving. Examples of such penalties include the following:

  • Probation.

  • The installation of an ignition interlock device.

  • Mandatory alcohol education classes (at your expense).

  • Vehicle impoundment.

  • Community service.

  • Jail time.

  • A suspended driver's license.

  • Substantial fines and court fees (sometimes in excess of $5,000 or more).

Even for a first DUI conviction, you could lose your lose your job, experience insurance coverage problems, lose your driver's license, and face possible restrictions on your interstate and international travel. The really positive news, to the contrary, is that it is probable that you can avoid most or perhaps all of these penalties by hiring a DUI lawyer.

Have you been charged with DUI? A local DUI lawyer may be able to help you fight the charges against you and save your driver's license.


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